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Old Ground

The award winning Organised Chaos Productions are currently casting for our upcoming production of Old Ground.

As a company we help and support undiscovered and emerging talent providing platforms for their creativity.

Old Ground is a new play which explores the consequences surrounding one of the most controversial cases in British criminal history. Told for the first time on stage - and with some particularly strong roles for women - the play will provide a unique opportunity for committed and adaptable actors to deliver sensitive and memorable performances.

Candidates must be Manchester/North West based.

Rehearsing in June-September (around your other commitments) for performance dates in September at 53Two.


25th - 30th September -  53Two

This production is offered on a profit share basis - however we have applied for Arts Council funding.

Commitment required will be evenings and weekend generally - this will be organised with the director and others in the cast

Casting will take place 3rd-4th June - please let us know if you can't make those dates in your application.

When applying please include a paragraph about why you would be interested in working with us.

Get your CV in to organisedchaosauditions (at) gmail (dot) com, subject ‘Old Ground  - character name’ as soon as possible.

Please do email if you would like more information

Roles available are as follows:

DCSI Peter Topping - male - 40-50
The newly-appointed head of Manchester CID. He is practical, thorough and methodical. He has a professional, northern warmth that enables him to gently gain Hindley’s trust, and a well-earned air of superiority and experience which perfectly and effortlessly arms him to deal with the likes of Ian Brady. A key protagonist towards the second-half of the play, this is a solid role for an actor who can portray a calm yet authoritarian figure.

Hindley - female - 40-50
Myra Hindley has spent twenty years in prison. As Britain’s most notorious female serial killer, her crimes have inevitably ensured she remains despised, depressed and lonely. She works hard to promote a new image of herself – of an ageing, harmless and innocent woman, now worthy of parole - and freedom. This is a MAIN role with some challenging dialogue and scenes of an emotional intensity.

Brady - male - 40-50
Wasting away, Brady has spent twenty tortured years in almost solitary confinement which has had an adverse effect on his mental health. Always in control, and proudly narcissistic, this sadistic and remorseless paedophile has achieved every psychopath’s ambition – the perfect murder. Knowing that two of his victims are still to be found, he enjoys manipulating the authorities in their desperation to extract the truth from him. A role with rants and chilling dialogue, the actor must be able to demonstrate a soft Glaswegian/Scottish accent.

Myra - female - 20-30
A happy, confident and well-liked young woman. Close to her sister and mother, she attends church and is always eager to baby-sit for friends and neighbours. When she falls in love with Ian Brady, her character begins to change. Weakened by his influences and depraved ideas, she adopts a tougher resilience in order to keep him. Her harder and more sexualised exterior could be a clue as to the secrets she harbours beneath.  A strong and transitional role

Ian - male - 25-35
Poised, cool and aloof, Ian is a Glaswegian stock clerk who deems himself better than the rest of society. His intellectual air and questionable obsessions with Hitler and pornographic literature set him apart from his contemporaries. With petty crimes already under his belt, he seeks to establish his superiority as a super-human individual. With an innate desire to kill, his private and depraved fantasies remain a secret until he moves to Manchester. He is a true psychopath – calm, quiet and precise.  ** A MAIN ROLE with explicit dialogue. The actor must be able to demonstrate a soft Glaswegian/Scottish accent.

Bob Hindley - male - 40-50
Myra’s father. A stern and hard-featured northern man, Bob drinks in the local pub every night and is a strict (and sometimes violent) disciplinarian with his wife and daughters.  *(Only required for one scene, the same actor will multi-role as DAVID SMITH)

Nellie Hindley - female - 35-45
A hardworking mother of two and wife to Bob, she is typical of the housewives of the 1960’s terraced streets of Gorton, perhaps old before their time. We see an attempted resilience to the weary squabbles she endures under her roof. *(Only one scene, the same actress will multi-role as FEMALE OFFICER – a supportive official who features in three other scenes)

Young Myra / Pauline Reade - female - 15-25
(Age 18+ ONLY) : One young actress with dark hair to multi-role and play-down to age 15/16. ‘Young Myra’ is involved in the opening scenes and has a small monologue. Pauline Reade is a confident and innocent 16 year old. Lovely mother/daughter scene, plus a key two-hander with Myra Hindley.

Joan Reade - female - 40-50
Mrs Reade is very much a product of the streets of Gorton. A proud and loving mother, we witness her decline as she desperately seeks to discover the truth behind her daughter’s disappearance. A good north/Manchester accent, the actress will portray BOTH ages of the character from 1960’s to 1980’s.

Winnie Johnson - female - 50-60
Mother of Keith Bennett, she unwittingly became one of the most tragic figures in the Moors Murders case. A strong, outspoken and determined woman, her tireless and public plight to find her son’s body made her emotionally vulnerable and, ultimately, a household name that would forevermore be spoken with both respect, and pity.

Janice Ogden - female - 40-50
A fictitious character, loosely based on insights from ‘The Devil And Miss Jones – The Autobiography Of Janie Jones’, she is a convicted prostitute and mother of two. Finding herself in Cookham Wood Prison in the 1980’s, she succumbs to her own curiosities and ‘befriends’ Myra Hindley. Suspicious of the explanations for her crimes, she remains unsure of Hindley’s innocence and participation. Some powerful two-hander scenes for an un-vain actress.

Fred Harrison / Bob Talbot - male - 40-50
Harrison is a likeable journalist. With no legal or psychological experience, he may seem unqualified to deal with the likes of Ian Brady; but his straight-forward and curious questioning presents itself as an open-invitation for Brady to respond. Used, but not manipulated, by Brady, he uncovers a new twist in the Moors Murders case.   **The same actor will multi-role as BOB TALBOT – the 1960’s police officer who arrested the young Ian Brady.

Dickie / Policeman 1 - male - 25-35
In lighter scenes, Dickie proves to be a rather more comedic co-worker to Ian and Myra. With unfounded suspicions regarding Ian’s behaviours, his careless comments prove both amusing and annoying to those around him.  **The same actor will also multi-role as POLICEMAN  1 – some solid dialogue and appearances during key moments throughout the play.

Harry / Guard / Officer - male - 45-65
Harry is the easy-going boss of Millwards Merchandising – a small chemical firm where Ian and Myra meet for the first time. In a lighter scene than most, we see a pleasant and noble man who welcomes Myra into the office.  **The same actor will multi-role as the GUARD who nonchalantly welcomes and briefs visitors to Gartree Prison, and also OFFICER who arrives at the final murder scene.

Edward Evans / Policeman 2 - male - 15-25
(Age 18+ ONLY) : A slim, chirpy and sensitive 17 year old who became the final victim of the Moors Murders. With a love for football, he is also tempted by the city nightlife. Crucial scenes that require a confident young actor towards the latter part of the play. The same actor will multi-role as POLICEMAN 2 with some solid dialogue in an early scene.

David Smith - male - 40-50
Smith is the only person to have witnessed one of the Moors Murders and, heroically, brought them to an end. Hounded by the press, and publicly labelled as “the third Moors Murderer”, his life has been spent in the shadows; cruelly and wrongly vindicated in his involvement in the crimes. Haunted by what he saw, we see him as tough and reluctant. Why should he help the police now, when they failed to protect him from the constant persecution he’s endured in the years after the crimes?  **One crucial scene only, the same actor will multi-role as BOB HINDLEY **

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